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EZ Reach Crevice Tool



Get the most our of your central vac investment with the EZ Reach Crevice Tool for hard to reach cleaning. Our EZ Reach Crevice Tool will give you an extra hand when you need it. Just plug it into the wall and vacuum your shoes, containers or lint screen. Use the suction to extract air from large bags for easy storage. The continuous suction of the EZ Reach in your workshop cleans surfaces on projects while you work. Just hold anything up to the EZ Reach Crevice Tool for fast and easy cleaning.


• Vacuum out the inside of any container or surface easily.
• Cleans hard to reach areas when you need both hands.
• Black, 11” long, with continuous suction
• Works with any brand of central vacuum systems.
• Use to evacuate excess air from storage bags, then seal.
• Easy to attach, just pop it into any central vacuum outlet
• Low cost and durable – Lifetime limited warranty
• Great for service shops such as clinics, salons, repair shops to quickly clean tools.
• Can also be used as a general crevice tool on the end of the hose tube.


No other technology cleans as efficiently and effectively as a central cleaning system. While the central vacuum unit is the heart of your system, your accessories get the cleaning done.


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