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EZ Dryer Vent



The EZ Dryer Vent is the quick way to connect or disconnect your dryer to the vent system.

Have you ever tried to move your dryer to get behind to clean or find a lost sock and disconnect the ducting? Dryers require clamping the vent hose on either end for a tight seal. If you pull the dryer from the wall you will have to climb over it to reattach and reconnect the vent hose. Nearly impossible. Typically the dryer flex line is attached from the dryer to the exhaust pipe with a 90 degree bend. This reduces air movement and produces friction. Lint accumulation builds up in the bend and can become a fire hazard. Overall, this produces a dramatic drag on the dryer’s efficiency and increases costs considerably.

The EZ Dryer Vent has a magnetic attachment to the vent box for a tight seal that uses no vent hoses. Just attach the box unit to the wall then connect the magnetic boot to the back of the dryer and it snaps into place. Now moving the dryer is easy for cleaning or retrieving that lost sock, then slide the dryer back into place. The seal is tight and will absorb vibration.

The EZ Dryer Vent is the perfect solution, increasing your dryer efficiency and safety while decreasing your cost. Easy to install and built to last.




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